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Nose reshaping

Rhinoplasty surgery is the best way to reshape a broken nose, correct a deviated septum, and revise those burdensome humps or angles.

It usually takes about 1-2 hours to perform rhinoplasty surgery. Time requirements can vary depending on the extent of surgery.

Rhinoplasty results are permanent.

Recovery time

During days 1 to 10 the patient will be instructed to wear a split or cast to protect your nose for up to 10 days after your surgery. Any external sutures usually will be removed about 4-6 days after surgery and internal sutures dissolve naturally. After a rhinoplasty procedure, recovery time from bruising and swelling should take about 2-4 weeks (When rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems has been performed, there usually won't be visible bruising).
The nose will take shape nicely within about 3 months after surgery, but won't develop into its final result until about a year or more after the procedure.

The rhinoplasty anesthesia of choice is usually general, though local with sedation may be opted for in less severe cases.