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Neck Lift

A neck lift rejuvenates the lower portion of the face by removing excess fat and skin in the neck and under the chin and tightening the muscles in that area. The saggy layers of skin and concentrated areas of fat are lifted and smoothed, creating a more attractive, youthful, and better defined neck and facial contour.

It can take about 1-3 hours to perform this outpatient surgery, but time requirements vary depending on the extent of surgery.

Neck Lift results are long lasting, usually up to 10 years or more, but are subject to change with the effects of aging, gravity, and the elements.

Recovery time

A neck sling or other protective wrapping may be worn for short period of time, usually just about a day after surgery.
After the neck lift, recovery from bruising and swelling does usually take a couple weeks and results slowly form and final shape usually develops about 1-3 months after surgery.