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Medical claims handling

We are a highly experienced, reputable medical assistance company offering the services of insurance claim recovery medical screening and cost containment. ECS medical is currently among the top recovery and billing companies servicing medical clinics and hospitals in Greece & Cyprus. We specialize in foreign insurance processing and claims recovery for medical providers throughout Greece and Cyprus, processing 7000-8000 cases per year. We have developed a network of cooperating insurance companies, emergency repatriation service companies as well as medical providers throughout Greece, its islands and Cyprus.

With an extensive network of cooperating insurance companies and a vast knowledge of the workings of these insurance companies ECS Medical promises to bring measurable and timely claims recovery for all of the cases we are involved with.

What we offer

a. Total international case management which means we can take care of each and every foreign insurance claim including sending for guarantees of payment to the respective insurance company and billing. This will be cost effective for the hospital as it reduces the amount of administration staff required to process these claims and reduces the workload on current administration staff.

b. Claims processing efficiency by use of the latest data processing coupled with highly trained, experienced staff.

c. Processing of old claims, for example claims that are still waiting for guarantees or waiting for payment or cases with insufficient insurance evidence that were never processed

d. Recovering outstanding local resident cases directly from the patient or the local insurance company if applicable.

Why choose us?

Claims recovery can be a very complicated process. We know that the key to having your insurance cases paid on time can be broken down into several factors: