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Labiaplasty (reduction)

Labia rejuvenation reduces and reshapes labia minora (inner lips) that are stretched out or asymmetrical. Through the removal and repositioning of excess tissue and skin, the labia minora is reduced, but the natural contours, colors, and sensations are preserved. Enlarged labia minora can cause women discomfort, and to be self-conscious, when wearing certain pants or during sexual intercourse.

Recovery time

Patients do not need to return for removal of sutures, as they dissolve on their own. Basic labia rejuvenation recovery is usually complete within about 2 weeks of the surgery. Many labia rejuvenation patients are comfortable with returning to work about 1 week after surgery
Even when labia rejuvenation recovery seems complete, it is recommended that patients abstain from sexual intercourse or tampon use for about 6 weeks after surgery.