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Health tourism

ECS Medical gives you the opportunity to improve your health in an unforgettable destination at an affordable cost. As a leading European medical organization, we promise to deliver to our world class medical treatments, quality of life and tailored attention.

The health tourism department of ECS medical specializes in providing patients abroad the highest quality of medical services and expert assistance available in Greece. We adhere to the highest medical standards placed by the European Union. Our services are directed at those who have been frustrated by the public health system in their own countries and who want to avoid the high cost often associated with private health care. With ECS medical there are no wait lists and we are focused on complete, quality care of the patient and offer the benefit of recuperation in the opulence of the Mediterranean. Once you have contacted us with your chosen your procedure, we will provide you with a full quote from our doctors and arrange personalized accommodation and travel arrangements on your behalf including flights, private transfers throughout your stay and luxurious accommodations all suited to your requirements and finances.

For some, costs or waiting lists are not the issue. The privacy that comes from traveling abroad for surgery is the ideal attraction. Upon your return from your luxurious vacation, your friends and co-workers may attribute your refreshed appearance to your new tan, not even realizing you had surgery. All treatments offered by ECS medical are done in complete confidence.

We not only offer medical treatment in Greece, but also personal assistance to our patients. We will take care of you from the moment you arrive and until you return home. Our friendly English speaking staff is available to assist you with all the details of your medical and travel needs while you are in our care.

ECS cooperates only with Greek private medical institutions that provide high-quality medical services and adhere to strict EU health standards. All of our hospitals are recognized by international scientific bodies, are ISO accredited and are MRSA free. Our surgeons offer years of expertise and have received their training from prestigious American and European Universities. Under no circumstance will ECS provide medical services of lesser quality due to economic reasons.