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Facelift surgery rejuvenates and improves facial contours and overall appearance through the tightening of facial tissue and muscles, and the repositioning of skin. This helps remove wrinkles and droopiness from the eyes, face and neck, creating a more defined facial structure and overall rejuvenated appearance.

It usually takes at least 3 hours to perform facelift surgery. Time requirements can depend on the extent of work being done. It usually takes about 4-6 weeks after surgery for the final facelift result to take shape.

Recovery time

During days 1-3 Protective wrappings worn for short period, usually removed the day after surgery. Some minor discomfort will be felt temporarily, but can be alleviated with oral pain medication. Sutures are usually removed within about 2 weeks of surgery.
Swelling and bruising will slowly fade, but should be at presentable levels within several weeks of surgery. Facelift recovery should wind down, and the final look will take shape over about 4-6 weeks. Some minor additional changes may still occur for a few months after that.