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Ear correction

Otoplasty or cosmetic ear surgery is intended to change the appearance of the external portion of your ears. Ear plastic surgery can reposition ears excessively protruding from the side of the head, reduce the size of very large ears, or reshape bends in cartilage. Other reconstructive otoplasty procedures can deal with deformed ears, but many otoplasty ear surgeries are performed because the individual is simply unhappy about the size or shape of their ears
The ear is composed of a thin cartilage cover with a thin layer of skin. During ear surgery, one or more incisions are made behind the ear to give access to your ear cartilage. Through this incision your ear can be manipulated and sculpted to meet the patient's desires.
It usually takes somewhere between 2-3 hours to perform ear surgery. Time requirements vary between situations and extent of surgery. Otoplasty ear surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and cosmetic ear surgery results are permanent.

Recovery time

On day 1 the patient may return home with a supportive wrap over the ears, and should continue to wear it for several days following surgery. Patients start to notice the results really taking shape during days 10 to 20.