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Dialysis on vacation

Kidney and renal system - Dialysis

ECS Medical provides foreign patients access to our medical facilities in Greece utilizing world-class dialysis services, offering the full range of dialysis treatments. This includes the implementation of the highest quality dialysis procedures and personalised medical attention by our medical staff. The medical care in Greece is of a First World Standard, and all dialysis centres that we make use of are of this high standard. In addition to Dialysis, we offer the following treatments for the Kidney and Renal system:

Bladder Outlet Incision Cysto-Diathermy Cystoscopy Nephrectomy - Kidney removal Nephrolithotomy - Removal of Kidney stone Retrograde Pyelogram Ureterolithotomy - Dormia Basket Urethroscopy


Hemodialysis travellers can feel secure when travelling in Greece as we offer complete dialysis services to kidney patients.

ECS Medical will work together with you so you can once again enjoy a worry-free vacation that seemed no longer possible since you started on dialysis.

Planning your dialysis care with ECS Medical will give you the opportunity to enrich your vacation time while ensuring you receive the same world class dialysis care you have at home. We offer Dialysis services on the mainland of Greece in Athens and on the islands of Rhodes and Crete. We have a comprehensive questionnaire that your doctor will need to fill out and return to us. The questionnaire contains all relevant information that our dialysis centres require before we can schedule your treatment.

Dialysis is a big part of your life but we believe this should not get in the way of an enjoyable vacation overseas. We are pleased to offer you the solution to your travel dialysis needs. Join us and experience the wonders and beauty that Greece has to offer.