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Cheek implants

Cheek implants enhance the appearance of the cheek bones, creating a fuller, more flattering cheek structure and more proportionate facial features. It can take about 1-2 hours to perform cheek implant surgery. Time requirements can vary, of course, depending on the extent of surgery.

Cheek implants results are usually permanent, but can depend on the material used.

Recovery time

Some swelling will be apparent after insertion of the cheek implants, recovery from which should occur over 1-2 months. If incision is placed inside the mouth, the sutures will dissolve naturally. If at the eye, they are usually removed about 4-5 days after surgery. If it was a hairline incision, the sutures are usually removed around 10 days after having the procedure. Patients usually achieve ample enough cheek implant recovery to return to work about 1-2 weeks after surgery.