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Calf implants

Calf implant surgery is performed to enlarge the calves, resulting in a more defined and muscular appearance. Most calf implant patients have lower legs that are out of proportion from their upper legs. Men may be seeking added bulk, while women may desire sexier contours in their lower legs.
It may take 1-2 hours to perform calf implant surgery. Time requirements for this surgery, though, can vary between each unique situation.

Calf implant surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis. An inpatient situation may be recommended, for at least one night, in order to provide patients with assistance walking.
Calf implant results are permanent.

Recovery time

Calf implant patients are advised to elevate their legs as much as possible throughout the week following surgery. It will be difficult to walk for the first several days of calf implant recovery, so rest is encouraged in this initial stage. Patients are usually permitted to shower again about 2 days after surgery
Work, if not too strenuous, can usually be resumed about 1 week after surgery, or a bit later in certain situations. It can take about 1-3 weeks of calf implant recovery to be back to fluid and unsupported walking.