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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery (also known as breast enlargement) increases the size of the breasts through the insertion of silicon or saline implants. There are many types of breast implants available on the market today, and that's why it can be difficult for a plastic surgeon's office to quote any sort of price without seeing you in person.

This Breast Augmentation usually takes between 1 to 2 hours however, time requirements can, of course, vary between unique situations. In the case of breast augmentation, anesthesia of choice is usually local with sedation, but general anesthesia may also be opted for. Breast augmentation results should be long lasting, but may change with pregnancy, weight fluctuation, and aging, creating the need for replacement of your breast implants. The procedure may require 1 nights stay in hospital.

Recovery time

During days 1 to 7 post surgery, the patient will wear a position-supporting bra home for initial stage of breast augmentation recovery. If you have a job that is not physically demanding, you can generally return to work a few days after breast augmentation surgery. Sutures can usually be removed about 7-12 days after surgery.