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Now in 2010 ecs management has contracted aircraft and we offer domestic and international air ambulance services. Using medically equipped aircrafts for patients needing specialized medical care or who become ill away from home.

Our air ambulance services include everything needed for a successful patient transport, from ground transportation to specialized air medical transport care. We are available 24hrs a day,7 days a week,365 days of the year .

Prior to making any flight arrangements, ECS medical flight crew will consult with the patient's physician, evaluate the patient's medical condition as it relates to air travel and determine the best method of medical transport. The arrangements we then make are based upon medical necessity.

Our fleet of private medical jet, propeller planes (Super King Beechcraft B200 5 seats + Stretcher) and helicopter are configured to serve as mini intensive care units and are capable of handling basic life support (BLS), Advances Life Support (ALS) and Critical Care (CC). We provide the appropriate medical staff, including nurses, paramedics and physicians. All medical flights are staffed according to each patient's particular needs.

ECS can also arrange travel assistance and medical escorts for patients who have been cleared by their physician to travel with a medical escort on commercial flights.

ECS Management will perform the following:

  1. Our customer care/medical crew will obtain a full medical report for the patient.
  2. ECS Management will schedule ground transportation to pick up the patient and crew at the sending facility and to transport the patient to the final destination at the completion of the flight. We can also arrange ground transportation for a companion or family member.
  3. An aircraft will be dispatched.
  4. Patient arrives at the aircraft and is secured on an FAA-approved stretcher.
  5. Flight begins. If fuel stops are necessary, we will provide flight updates at each stop. A final estimated time of arrival will be provided following the final fuel stop.
  6. When the flight arrives, ground transportation will be waiting to transport the patient to the receiving facility.
  7. All involved parties are notified when the patient arrives. 

Our aircraft are fully equipped with the following

Primary Medical Equipment and Supplies On-board:

ECS Management Case Manager's will request the following information and then effectively and efficiently begin organising the Air Ambulance:

ECS Management will do everything possible to utilize our contracted, dedicated aircrafts to the schedules we give you. Transportation delays such as weather, travel conditions, health or safety factors, or unforeseen maintenance issues may cause delays to schedules. Our customer care team is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to keep you up to date on any unforeseen delays when an air ambulance has been requested.

ECS Management and ECS Air Rescue Team prides itself on quick response time so that your client's, our patients are well cared from initial contact to delivery location.